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I had symptoms going as far back as 10-20 yrs. prior to dx. 'Stitch' on my left side while running late '90's. Unusual fatigue which I did ask Dr's about. Horrible IBS. Jan. of 2001 I went to a convenience care after having a completely bloody BM. Dr. dismissed me & sent me on my way. 6 mos. later was pregnant w/ my 1st. After he was born I had excruitiating pain when using the bathroom. Saw proctologist who started me on Metamucil. Only caused weight gain. Hardly worked. Then 16 mos. later pregnant w/ my 2nd. Noticed diarrhea really bad in 2nd pregnancy. Stopped going on long walks due to this. When my 2nd was 4 mos. old I went for routine physical & Dr. called to tell me that my AST & ALT levels were above normal. He wasn't sure why & it sent me into a worried tizzy as my IBS was so bad & I asked him if this could be cancer. I was assured "NO" & the nurse even told me to take a walk & eat an apple when I was in tears over this. This was 2004. It wasn't dx until Nov. 07! I thank Dr. Blank (gastro) & Dr. Vizzoni (family dr), in Freehold, NJ for their lack of medical knowledge. Sept. 05, I began having RAZOR WIRE LIKE pain horizontally down low, almost constantly. It was so debilitating, but I then began to suffer in silence as I felt everyone was tired of hearing me complain. I was doubling over in pain. Also, Dr. Reinertson in Puyallup, WA missed the signs. He casually mentioned I should have a colonoscopy in 1/06 & when I asked WHY, he told me to rule out Chrone's or IBS. He was not proactive enough. In Aug. 06 I became pregnant w/ my 3rd. I was 'thinking' I had endometriosis. Even saw my Gyn. & had an ultrasound on my pelvis mos. prior to getting pregnant. The technician & radiologist missed the giant tumor. In hopes that my 'IBS' like symptoms would get better, I only got worse. Oct. '06 I drove myself to the ER during the worst vomiting session I had (couldn't stop). I felt as if I was dying. I was left to wait for 4 hrs. before being seen. I was dismissed as probably 'going to' have a miscarriage. They gave me fluids & did an ultrasound to look at the tiny fetus & sent me on my way telling me that I had gastroenteritis. That ER Dr. didn't notice the large tumor in my Sigmoid colon. I continued having horrible nausea & vomiting throughout my pregnancy. I never had vomiting in my other 2 pregnancies. I was always slightly anemic (going back to 01 in 1st pregnancy) & so they'd give me IRON pills, on top of the already constipating PreNatal vitamins. My OB recommened several fiber therapies during pregnancy, which baffled him because nothing was working. I began thinking, with my symptoms, that it seems like there is blockage. I figured it out myself. Too late though. Because I noticed when I drank Metamucial after eating that I became very ill. When I was in labor 5/1/07 I was in terrible & unusual discomfort. The razor wire stomach pain became to come back more in the fall of 07. I attributed it to not eating as much fruit, as every 'Fall' for the last few years, I was having issues & was dealing with constipation since well after my 2nd was born (I used to have nothing but diarrhea, so I'd say that was a warning sign with the change in bowel habits! Dr's missed that too!) I decided to see the Gastro again. I found myself telling him that "I can not live like this anymore," with the pain. I had 3 kid's, a wonderful husband, yet I was in desperate need for pain relief. He felt my belly & during his consultation I heard him say the word 'cancer' one of the possibilities, but not to worry sort of thing. Dr. Reinerston never said that. I wish he had. My aunt died @ age 40 from breast cancer. My grandfather died from colon cancer. The wonderful Dr. who dx me was Dr. Manam (Puyallup, WA). Finally, someone listened. He wanted me back in 2 days for the colonoscopy. He must have palpitated the tumor & didn't tell me. He knew. I had my colonoscopy days later & never imagined I'd hear the words MALIGNANT in my Verscet haze. My aunt had a maligancy & she died. OH MY GOD. NO. My world has been flipped upside down & back up again. Nov. 12, 2007 I was dx. Thanksgiving of 07 I had my colectomy. The day before Thanksgiving I was given my new title: "stage3c colon cancer." Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Kim also saved my life. He removed the tumor & 32 lymph nodes, 14 of which were positive for cancer. He also biopsied a small spot on my liver, which was later benign. I had my port put in 12/5/07 & had to stop breastfeeding & begin chemo 12/10/07. For 6 months I fought a war. Battered & bruised, broken and uplifted. I couldn't eat or drink. Lost 55 lbs. I always felt dehydrated. I had 12 chemo treatments & 12 of Erbitux. So 24 in all, which meant I was at 'the cancer center' 2-3 times a week for roughly 10-15 hrs. sitting in that chair. Curled up & freezing. Unable to read, I would listen to music. Music has always lifted my spirits. I 'graduated' from chemo 6/3/08. My children did not know I was fighting cancer. I told them I was going for 'vitamins.' I hope to never have to look into my children's eyes & tell them. They only need to know when they are old enough to understand. But do any of us really understand cancer. I have been NED at each CT & PET. I have this done every 6 mos. My CEA count is down to .4 SO thankful. Keep up the good fight! ~ Melanie

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December 23, 2007

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Erbitux 12/07 to 6/08

I was given 6 mos. worth of Enfamil, which eased the pain from having to stop breastfeeding my then 6 mo. old. I'd like to continue that.

Richard C. Ostenson Cancer Center, Puyallup, WA (named after oncologist who died from a brain tumor)

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