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I am going on 9 yrs. cured from 3c colon cancer!

Hi everyone! So just a bit about me. I am going on 44, my oldest will be 15 & 2nd child will be 13 this month. My youngest will be 10 in May. I apologize for the really late update! I know I haven't been as supportive as I could be on this page, but the anxiety of the situation has always been too much for me. Needless to say, I've never even been to a support group. And...that's probably my issue. 😂 Anyway...I spend more time the past few years trying to figure out some autoimmune diseases, like probable Sjogrens, maybe? Lupus, & definitely Fibro, if one believes it exists. My SED was 86 & CRP 55 in 2012?!...& still elevated. In Sept. '16, my Oncologist ran a SPEP & that has been showing IgM elevation around 8.6. She mentioned possible Waldenstrom's, but never anything conclusive. She also mentioned I need to be watched for Myeloma or Lymphoma. I had a bone marrow biopsy (was normal) & a liver biopsy (fatty liver). I will have my labs drawn again 6 mos. out, so come July. I'll try to remember to post an update! So many prayers go out to all of you! 



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Nine years! Way to go. Sorry you are still dealing with some things. It seems the older you get it is always something. Have a fantastic day!
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I've got the fatty liver. Do you think these other issues may be from treatment?
It's so good you are cancer free!
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Hi.....I was dx w/ dry eyes by 26 & had major CFS (un-dx) by early 20's. Then anemia was dx in all 3 pregnancies. The probably Sjogrens must've been around since 20's. I believe my mother has it too. I still struggle w/ the PN from chemo. Raynaud's is worse in the winter mos.
Wow, Melanie, that started young! You look so healthy!
I don't know about Raynaud's, but I think my pains started to be much worse in winter, and I know caused/increase post treatment. It seems one pain triggers off the other pains. Probably living in WA, is not helpful, but Puyallup is beautiful. I am going to sell my home in Kirkland this year and move north. I have to get out of this bee hive. Puyallup was on the list until my daughter said she is moving north, which is fine.
Summer is coming, Yeah!!
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My pic is almost 9 yrs. old. I was just 2 mos. out of chemo then. (8/08) 🙂 Still had the Erbitux rash on my face. It has occurred to me recently that to have had serious IBS all my life, bleeding in mid 20's, razor wire pelvic pain by 31 & dx at 34, that I did miss a lot of my fun & healthy 30's for sure, but I am alive! And I know we all have some sort of survivor guilt when we hear of so many dying from this horrible disease. Puyallup just lost a 15 yr. old boy to his 10 yr. cancer fight. (Logan Lewis). So very sad. But, we've got to keep fighting for those who cannot.

I wish you well on your move up N! I agree! Puyallup is so overcrowded & we moved from NJ! (Yet, I grew up in the Midwest). ☺
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I noticed on GWEN WILKINS blog that there wasn't a memorial for her :( ...I have messaged Jill to update Gwen's blog.

******It is with great sadness that I (Melanie) am having to post this on my wall. GWEN WILKINS did passed away from stage4 colon cancer in 2010? (probably closer to 2011 though). It doesn't feel like 2 yrs. ago, but basing this around her last post. She had mentioned in a post that she loved writing on here daily! My memory isn't so sharp, but I do recall her posting updates on Facebook. I assumed she had been posting here too. Isn't that one of all of our fears? That cancer might get us & no one will know to update this wonderful community. I hope that her family still has her email address working & then someone can provide more details. But for now, may we all continue in this fight together. One day at a time. Hugs to all - an acquaintance of Gwen's from Facebook - and stage3c colon ca survivor, Melanie (Russo) Leuzzi*******************************
Frances sent you a prayer.
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UPDATE: I believe I have found Gwen Wilkins daughter on Facebook. I sent her a message to contact Jill Midthun. -Melanie
I have updated her blog to now have a memorial. Thanks for letting me know. Jill
Melanie, It is very kind of you to be so thoughtful. Yes, it is a fear to "go" and no one know. I worry about people on here all the time. I try to look up everyone I'm following (and always support "new" folks)if I haven't seen a post for a while. Hugs and Blessings . . . .
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